How To Make Money Online?

March 17, 2019

Even nowadays, making money online might seem like a mission impossible for some people.



Go out and tell someone you'll make money online. What is their reaction going to be? Good for you Jimmy. A reaction is full of judgment.


If you're lucky enough to meet someone who tried making money online or even made some - you'd probably get the same old saying "there's no money with no hard work" or "it's never going to work".


But the internet has been around for about 30 years and making money online isn't a myth anymore. In this post, you'll find some of the best ways to make money online.


Some ways will help you start making a few dollars in a few days, while others will require a lot of time and effort before you see that business succeeding. Therefore, don't think that making money online is going to make you rich overnight and that no work is involved.


Be ready to learn a lot, find what you will enjoy doing, and invest a lot of time and work in the idea.


Ways to Achieve Active Income Online


Active income online means that you'll be trading your time and skills for money. Why is it an active income?

Because you still need to trade your time and be there to make money. You can think of it as 9-5, but it's completely different. You get to do things your way and work for people you want, which means you don't have a boss, yet you still are responsible for your success.


Some of the ways to achieve active income online are:


  • Freelancing

  • Building a service business

  • Creating a course

  • Dropshipping




Freelancingis the best way to make some active income.

All you have to do is offer your services to potential clients, acquire jobs and get down to work. It might take some time, but you might be able to find a few clients and start making some money within a week or two.

It's a great side hustle for people who are already doing a 9-5 job yet want to build something of their own.

If you have a goal to quit your job after you've successfully built your online business, that's even better! The easiest way to start freelancing is by writing content.


Building a Service Business


Building a service businessis very similar to freelancing, and most of the time, it grows out of freelancing.

A service business can be a freelancer who has a big workload (a lot of orders) and then gathers a team of writers, the editor, and a virtual assistant to successfully lead the business and to be capable of taking such workload.

Outsourcing is very popular nowadays, and no, it's not unethical. It's happening all around you, and the sooner you accept it as a possibility, the better you could grow your business.


Creating a Course


Now, creating a coursemight take some time, but on sites like Udemy or Skillshare, you can create a course within a few days, and the earnings can be reoccurring. It's a way that is somewhere between an active and passive income, yet if you have a great set of skills - you can bank on them.

Building out your own store where you'll sell your courses is also a great possibility, but it might require some up-front cost.




Dropshipping is very popular nowadays, and if you aren't familiar with the dropshipping concept, you should do your research.


Basically, dropshipping allows you to open your own eCommerce store using any platform such as Shopify, list products that you don't own, yet make an agreement with sellers to re-sell their products.

When you get orders coming in, all you have to do is fill in the buyer's information, and let the manufacturer take care of the shipping.


It might require some upfront costs for building out a store & advertising, and it's not as easy as it might sound, but it can be worth it once you start scaling the store.


Ways to Achieve Passive Income Online


Passive income means that you will put a lot of time and hard work now, but you'll profit later and have a recurring income.


Some of the best ways to achieve passive income online are:


  • Blogging

  • Becoming a YouTuber

  • Affiliate marketing

  • Writing & selling an eBook

  • Building an online brand




Bloggingis not as hard as many people think, and all you have to do is find a niche around your passion where you will be able to provide valuable contentand rank it on search engines with a little bit of help from SEO (Search Engine Optimization).


As you build a following of readers who can't wait for your next post, you will have endless ways to monetize your blog.


Becoming a YouTuber


Becoming a YouTuber is very similar to blogging since you're creating the content around your passion and you get to build an audience of followers.


However, you won't create written content yet video content, which will require different aspects. As many people think that becoming a YouTuber is just about creating an account and stuffing the right keywords in the video descriptions - there's a lot more to it, and it takes time.


Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketingoffers a very wide range of choices to make money online by promoting both digital and physical products, without the need of owning them.


For example, the Amazon Associates program gives you a commission on every product you sell through your referral link.


Creating a niche site around your passion with a number of products to advertise, the more visitors you get to your site, the better possibility is that someone will love your valuable content enough to listen to your advice and purchase something off any platform you're advertising for.


Writing & Selling an eBook


Writing & selling an eBookis a very profitable business, and even though we've listed it as a way to make passive income online, it can actually be an active income if you outsource the main task to a writer.


You don't even need to write your own eBooks yet get a ghostwriter to do it for you. What you will have to do is then put your eBook on Amazon and advertise it so it sells well.


If you decide to do the writing yourself, it'll take a lot of time and work, but it's definitely going to pay off.


Building an Online Brand


How many times have you seen Instagram pages follow your personal Instagram account? Building abrand onlineis a very attractive business model.


The days when people were making funny Facebook pages and groups are gone, and the chances that the commercial Instagram accounts that have followed you are monetizing in many different ways are high.


When you build a following around a specific niche (a passion of yours), you can use the advantage of affiliate marketing, eCommerce (dropshipping or POD - print on demand), sell an eBook, sell courses, or even sell services (consulting, life coaching, etc...).




Making money online doesn't come to solely advertising, filling out surveys, or doing tasks that don't pay very well.

It's all about building your presence online and no matter what you do, you get the chance to do it around something you're passionate about.


Writing might not be fun, but you can get paid to write on the topics you choose! It's all about niching down and working in the marketing you will enjoy.

If you are working in a 9-5 job, you still have plenty of free time to work on passive income ways to build your online business.


Looking to quit your job? Many digital nomads make active income online and yet travel around the world and live their life large.








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