About Become An Entrepreneur

Become An Entrepreneur is a resource run by me, Byron Fipkin, to provide you with valuable strategies for gaining and increasing your passive income. So what is passive income? 

Who is Byron Fipkin?

Im a family guy in my mid twenties who learned about passive income because I had to. Like most other people, I am stuck in the 9-5 routine.

I graduated University with an Engineering degree and went to work for an amazing company as a Design Engineer. I am currently thriving in my career but feel like I can do so much more. So guess what?

That's exactly what I am starting to do.

I have recently produced an e-book titled How To Make Passive Income. This book shows and explains multiple ways you can turn your life from the 9-5 to financial freedom using these passive income methods.

If you're interested in getting your hands on this book for FREE, then clock on the link above and let me know why you want this book.